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3 Yoga Asanas Remove Nervous System Problems

The nervous system controls the organs in our body and balances the body’s environment. The nervous system does the work of running the activities of our body. If the nervous system becomes weak, it causes weakness in our whole body. Due to a weak nervous system, the body starts feeling cramps, breakdowns, fatigue etc. When blood does not reach our brain properly, then the nervous system cannot function properly. In such a situation, yoga asanas are very effective in strengthening the nervous system. Yoga expert Bholi Parihar of Innocence Yoga says that doing yoga strengthens the nervous system, due to which both our mind and bodywork properly. So let’s know from yoga expert Bholi Parihar that what are those yoga asanas, by doing which the nervous system is strengthened.

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Suryabhedi Pranayama

As we know that in the nervous system, our nerves and nerves are not able to conduct themselves properly, or if there is any blockage in them, then Surya Bhedi Pranayama does the work of removing it and our body’s nervous system is better. It is helpful in working because when we do Surya Bhedi, the blood circulation in our body increases rapidly. Due to which our nervous system gets all the nutrients through the blood. As we know that our body needs food and we feel good when we eat food. Similarly, when our nervous system gets its nutrients in the right amount, then it starts doing its work properly.

How to do Surya Bhedi Pranayama

  • Bend both your legs and sit in Sukhasana, which in common language is also called sitting with a loincloth.
  • Make your waist and neck straight.
  • Join the forefinger, finger and thumb of both your hands together. After that close both your eyes slowly.
  • Bring the shoulders down by rotating them slightly. After that keep your elbows slightly bent.
  • While raising your right hand, bend your index and middle finger and put it on the lower part of your thumb.
  • After that, with your thumb, you will close your straight nose. And with our ring finger, ring finger, we close our vomit nose.
  • Now while inhaling through your straight nose, close the straight nose. And slowly let your whole breath out through the opposite nose. After that, unpause this action again and fill the breath in through a straight nose, wait for some time and leave it out.
  • Repeat this action 25-30 times. And then take a rest.


People who have a high BP problem should do this pranayama under someone’s supervision or not.

Ardha Halasana

By doing Ardha Halasana, our bones, muscles and nerves start doing their work well. All the nerves in our body are connected to our nervous system. When we do Ardha Halasana, the blood comes rapidly from our legs to the stomach and goes to the brain, due to the things needed by our nervous system, the nutrients, oxygen etc. Does. Ardha Halasana plays an important role in strengthening our nervous system. This asana relaxes the weak muscles.

Method of doing Ardha Halasana:-

  • First of all, lie down on your back by laying in a posture.
  • Connect both your feet, knees and thighs together. After that keep both your hands by the side of the body.
  • Turn the palms down. Spread the fingers, so that you get a good grip.
  • While inhaling, slowly raise both your legs towards the sky. Now your soles will be towards the sky and your body will become like some English letter L.
  • Pull both the claws towards your body. In this, you should keep in mind that your waist and back will remain adjacent to the ground.
  • Hold 15-20 seconds in this posture and do it according to your ability.
  • People who have problems with back pain or have increased obesity, then they should do this asana with support from the wall. That is, keep both your feet close to the wall. And both your hips will be adjacent to the wall. Your head will be in the opposite direction from the wall.
  • Hold this asana according to your ability. Come back slowly. And take a rest for some time.

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Balasana (Child Pose):-

In Balasana, the upper part of our body is on the lower side, due to which all the veins of our body are opened. The right nutrition in them reaches our nervous system through the blood, due to which our nervous system does all its functions like the functioning of the body properly, controlling all the activities of the body, regulating the body, balancing the body environment. able to do etc. This asana is very useful even for our nervous system. Balasan is also very useful for women.

Method of doing balasana:

  • Open both your legs in front and sit down.
  • Bring both your toes together.
  • Now, taking support from the side with both your hands, bend both the knees and bring them near your hips. And after that keep your left thumb directly above the thumb.
  • Turn the heels outwards. Now set both your hips in the gap between your two toes.
  • Now open both your knees out from the front.
  • While inhaling, raise both your hands from the front towards the sky. Slowly turn your palms towards the front.
  • Now give a good stretch in your body and while exhaling slowly, slowly move your upper body towards the ground from your waist part.
  • Bring your chest or chin to the ground. If you can apply it to your forehead, then put that on too.
  • Both hands will remain straight on the ground. Hold 25-30 seconds in this posture. You can also hold for 30-35 seconds if you are comfortable.
  • Slowly raise both your hands towards the sky and bring them down. Open both the legs. And while lying down, shake both your legs well. So that if there is any pressure in the feet, then it becomes normal.


People who have knee problems, ankle injuries and if there is any injury in the foot, then you should not do this asana.

A weak nervous system aggravates diseases in the body. Yoga is very beneficial in making it strong. Practising yoga regularly is useful for the nervous system.

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