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Graduate Job is made easy to find in IT and networking fields now!

IT and networking jobs graduates can do

IT graduates may find it difficult to determine exactly what they need to do once they graduate. People mention a wide range of job titles.

Below you will find decoded descriptions. However, you should always pay close attention to the job description for each position you apply for. When interviewing, ask questions about what the role involves on a daily basis. Write down the key skills and competencies the job requires. When you do this, you will have an easier time finding a suitable job for an IT graduate.

Graduate job – Work as a network engineer

Hardware engineers and network designers are similar jobs.

The following is a brief description of what a network engineer does:

Working as a network engineer in the IT industry can be challenging. It is the responsibility of a network administrator to set up, maintain, and upgrade the communication systems. This can be accomplished through local networks or wide areas networks. They are also responsible for storing data and recovering from disasters.

As you advance in this role, you will have the opportunity to earn several technical certifications. Your degree must be in the field of computer science or telecommunications.

With the current state of the network, network surveillance cannot guarantee that the expectation is met. I could simply say, “I don’t see any difficulties at this time”.

In any telecommunications business, a network designer’s role is not to be underestimated.

In order to become a network engineer, you need the following skills:

  • Knowledge of specialist networks
  • Communicating and networking
  • Organizing networks
  • Analyze networking design
  • Solution-finding for network issues

Graduate Job after graduation: IT consultant

The same as a technical consultant.

The term ‘consultant‘ can be applied to many IT jobs. Technical consultants develop and implement IT systems for outside clients. Technical degrees are preferred, but they are not always required.

IT consultants must possess the following skills:

  • communication skills
  • presentation skills
  • technical and business understanding
  • IT project management
  • teamwork capacities

Graduate job as a Technical sales representative

A sales executive or account manager would be similar.

Technical sales may not always require much hands-on experience. But it does require an understanding of how IT is utilized in businesses. The sale of hardware is one option. But you might also tout the benefits of whole systems or services. Day-to-day work may involve making phone calls, attending meetings, attending conferences, and drafting proposals. You will be commissioned when you reach your goals. You don’t need a degree in technology to sell technology products. But you should have knowledge of the field.

A technical sales representative needs to have the following skills:

  • product knowledge
  • persuasion
  • interpersonal skills
  • drive
  • mobility
  • business awareness

Project manager job as a graduate

A master scheduler functions similarly to a product planner, a project manager, or a project manager.

There is the possibility of the project manager managing the entire process or a specific part of a larger ‘program’. The project manager should have a great deal of experience. Candidates with experience are often preferred.

To work with technology development teams and business managers at a higher level, you need both technical skills and soft skills. A project manager should possess the following skills:

  • organization
  • problem-solving
  • communication
  • clear thinking
  • ability to stay calm under pressure

Graduate job – Working as a web designer

Similar jobs include multimedia developers, UX designers, video game designers, and web developers.

Briefly, web designers create and layout websites or web pages, working with colleagues and clients. This ensures the client’s requirements are met. The role of a web designer is different from that of a web developer, who makes web designs a reality. However, there can be a crossover between the two. You will need to present a portfolio of your best web design work to employers. Whether or not you have a degree in digital media design or a related subject.

Web designers must possess the following skills:

  • communication
  • attention to detail
  • problem-solving
  • creativity

Graduate job: Quality Assurance analyst

The same as a software tester.

A quality assurance analyst should possess the following skills:

  • attention to detail
  • creativity
  • analytical and investigative thinking
  • communication skills

Graduate Job as a Software developer

A software engineer, software architect, web developer, mobile developer, systems developer are similar jobs. And test automation developers are also a few similar jobs as software developers.

In brief:

Programs, applications, and websites are created by software developers to implement software solutions. They usually write and test code using development tools.  But a few train other graduates who can demonstrate a passion and aptitude for software development.

A software developer needs to possess the following skills:

  • analysis (software/systems)
  • logical thinking
  • teamwork
  • attention to detail

System analyst job after graduation

The job description is the same as that of a systems engineer or developer.

System analysts write requirements for new IT systems and examine existing ones. Analyze whether their employer’s or client’s software, hardware, and IT system meet their business requirements. They also write requirements for new systems. They may also assist in their implementation, train users, and monitor their effectiveness.

You usually need at least a bachelor’s degree in a technical or IT subject to become a systems analyst.

A system analyst should have the following skills:

  • ability to extract and analyze information
  • communication
  • analysis
  • persuasion and sensitivity

Graduate job as a Business analyst

An information specialist is similar to a business architect.

An analyst is equally comfortable talking to technology people, business managers, and end-users. The use of technology helps analysts identify ways to improve business processes and operations. Among its responsibilities are analyzing the client’s needs and gathering and documenting requirements. Despite their need for technical understanding, business analysts do not necessarily require technical degrees.

A business analyst must possess the following skills:

  • communication
  • presentation
  • facilitation
  • project management
  • problem-solving

Graduate job as an IT support analyst

Support analyst for helpdesks; technical support analyst.

IT support analysts assist IT users with technical set-up, support, and advice via email, phone, social media, and in person. Either they provide support within a particular organization or to external businesses.

They may also offer ad-hoc support to customers. The market for on-demand services is growing. Tech repair, setup, and troubleshooting services are available in homes and offices.

IT support analysts need to possess the following skills:

  • wide-ranging tech knowledge
  • problem-solving
  • communication and listening
  • patience

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