How to keep your writing interesting for over two decades

I’ve been writing for over twenty years now. It’s been so long I really don’t know what to say about it anymore. Sure I could write a book on some of the most important things, but none of those things is quite as personal or real. When you get into writing for a living, you have to do things differently and you need different ways to see your story. Here are five big ones that you should keep in mind when you’re reading your first article.

Read and Improve. Read lots of people’s articles and try not to be so hard on yourself. Most of them will suck but then again… you’re only human. They all have their flaws. Don’t let your ego distract you from your true thoughts. Once you figure out how to improve your article… and keep improving it. If you don’t want to make any changes, just read what others have written, or write something entirely new. Even if you can’t think of any other ideas that make sense to write about. Just start to go through the motions… and once you find your voice… take off your hat! No one wants to read an opinion piece because they feel like everyone else is right. Get rid of that. At least in the opinion piece, your views don’t mean much until someone reads it.

Get Some Advice From A Real Writer.

There will always be writers who seem like the world is against them. Sometimes I wonder if it really is. So here’s my advice… don’t be desperate for help. Maybe that’s why it seems so easy for me to give up and give up quickly. But if you really need help then come back and check this post to get some advice from a real writer. The best writing advice can be found there.

Have Something That Only Looks Good On Paper.

Yes, the entire world looks great on paper but sometimes that doesn’t always translate to real life. If you start writing stories about anything and everything, make sure that it’s on paper. Unless you want to end up with a huge pile of papers to sort out, your writing will look better on paper. This is also true about blogging. Your blog won’t turn out just like your novel. Blogging will almost never turn out. Make sure you write something that has good grammar, punctuation and spelling. Not all of those things will translate to a finished product but they will at least make it looks better on paper.

Don’t Worry About People Not Reading.

One thing that I’ve learned in life is that nothing is worth reading unless people are actually paying attention to it. It’s sad to see articles that just haven’t gotten anyone interested. Instead of worrying about reading people’s messages or comments, just focus on your work and make sure that no one is getting your idea. Keep your eyes open and stay curious. This point is especially true now that we have an instant internet connection. We don’t have to worry about finding someone that’s going to be able to pick up on what you’re doing. Nowadays, technology makes our lives way easier than ever and we are in the era of social media networking. If people can’t find articles on your topic in person, they definitely won’t be able to find them online. So keep focus and always remember to read. Focus doesn’t make things easy or anything, it’s what helps us move forward.

Stay Creative.

Creativity is very important to be successful in life. In a lot of situations, we’re told that we shouldn’t focus so much on creativity. We always hear that “we are not creative at all,” which is bullshit. We are incredibly creative and that’s why people look at us so dumb when we talk about our jobs or things. While creativity may not be something that many of us believe in, creativity is really very important to our success. Give yourself a break and think outside the box. Be creative and think outside the box. Find a way to bring out that unique spark in people and not just tell something. Show others a side of you that they never saw before and show them why you’re different. What does the world value? Do you have a sense of style or flair that inspires people to follow you? How have you used your creativity to achieve things and what are your secrets? You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish when you put yourself out of your comfort zone and try to prove that you’re a genius.

Write About Anything.

Whether you’re talking about how your day has gone, your feelings about a certain subject, or even just about anything… write about it. Write about it and keep an eye on it. Take note of it and try to figure out what you can apply it to. Are you good at math? How can you use a calculator? Does taking care of pets drive you crazy? Is English your second language? Can you be considered a travel writer or a film critic? Perhaps you even can teach English or become an actor. Whatever your passion, write about it. Don’t just use generic terms of discussion, write specific terms. Use metaphors. Try to keep your words as short and sweet as possible. Write about something you love. As you write, write about it so much that it feels like you’re actually saying what you feel in your heart. Emotions can sometimes get lost in the process and this can be incredibly confusing. When you are writing, don’t hold back any longer than you need to. It will either catch fire or fizzle out, but don’t let it burn out. Keep going because whatever life throws at you, you still have to fight. Nothing is worth losing anymore!

You might think that I’m exaggerating the truth, but hear me out. We live in a society where people expect perfection. Everything we do, we try to do perfect. This perfection is really bad and can really damage your spirit. Trying to write about exactly the same thing every single time and getting frustrated each time… it will eventually get tiring. However, writing isn’t all that’s wrong. It’s really beautiful! It sounds cliche at times but I promise you when you find something you truly enjoy or want to share, you’ll find that it works. Believe in yourself and your abilities. It may sound cliché, but trust me, when you feel it, it will work. Don’t sweat it. Tell everyone out there that you’re working on a project, or creating a story or a series and people will want to hear it too. Trust me… it’s important. And if it’s just a little bit… well. Just keep going. It may not be perfect but it’s what you love to do and it’s what everybody loves to watch. You always have to leave a little bit behind for yourself.

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