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Men’s wardrobe cannot complete until and unless they have a variety of Polo shirts. These shirts have acquired great place in the world of fashion, therefore it is hard pressed to search a person whose wardrobe has no versatile and comfortable Polo shirt. Get Lacoste promo code for finding a polo shirt in desired style and shade.

All Body Type Polo Shirt

It is outstanding feature that polo shirts are designed for all types of bodies and help in enhancing the body parts that give a graceful look and covering the parts that you want to disguise. It is good to follow a layering style while wearing a polo shirt. From high street shirts to designer collection, you are given a lot of options satisfying your financial range.

Fabrics Suitable for All Body Types

  • It is true polo shirts suit various body sizes and shapes. Apart from shape, the material of the shirt means a lot. Pique shirts are manufactured with cotton yarns and these are perfect for people having heavy body and wide physique.
  • Men, who are not much conscious of their body, are suggested to choose polo shirts in cotton and cotton merge as it is soft and highly comfortable material than that of Pique.
  • Polo shirt in cotton blend gives a modern and sleek appearance whether you wear it under a jacket or as its own. Receive Lacoste promo code to pick the Cotton Organic Classic Fit Pique, Slim Fit Polo Shirt or Stretch Regular Fit Polo Shirt on discount.

Polo shirts have captured all the dark and light colors; however men should choose muted colors. For a versatile look, grey, navy, white and black are the best colors that suit any body type and skin tone. If you have made up mind, try to check the other patterns and stripes as well. Always opt for the shades that complement instead of clashing the hair shade or skin tone. Keep in mind, every person cannot carry pink or yellow. Try these colors if you have enough confidence to face other people.

 Hanging Out or Tucking In the Polo Shirt

There are some rules to consider while wearing the shirt. Do not try to tuck in the shirt while wearing without jacket. Only professional golfers can do that. In case, you have worn a jacket over polo shirt then tuck in the front part of the shirt to cover the belt.

Do’s & Don’t

Fitted shirt is good but do not opt for too tight polo shirt. In case of baggy size, just choose the smaller size. Quality shirts are manufactured with light organic cotton material therefore they drape nicely without enhancing the bumps and lumps.

Polo shirts do not require anything beneath. Even in hot weather, the material keeps you cool without any undershirt or vest. Utilize Lacoste promo code and modify the choice as per your height. The tail should never hang down more than the midway at the back. Do not try to turn up the collar as it suits only teenagers.

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