How to choose the best Virtual Exhibition Platform?
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How to choose the best Virtual Exhibition Platform?

How to choose the best Virtual Exhibition Platform?

Today, virtual events are a great means for different industries and enterprises to expand their global reach and enhance their brand value. Having said this, there are multiple formats of online events gaining popularity and holding immense scope in the future. One of them is a virtual exhibition that can be 100% customized, scalable, and flexible in order to deliver life-like event experiences. But, to make this a reality, you need to choose an all-in-one online exhibition platform.

Let us walk you through some key features that you should look for while choosing an ideal virtual exhibition platform;

User-friendly Interface

The platform interface is the first factor that helps in creating a lasting impression on attendees. Choosing a simple online event platform for your exhibitions, job fairs, trade shows, meetings, or conferences is a great way to hold on to the attendees, even if they are first-time users.

Make sure that the platform does not ask for any irrelevant downloads or sign-ups before attendees enter the event.

Customization Abilities

Creating a customized environment with impressive branding options and stunning designs is the key to stand out at a virtual exhibition. The ability to create an event’s background, designs, landing pages, or features based on its requirements helps leave an impactful impression on the attendees. Therefore, it is one vital feature that planners should definitely look for while selecting their platform. Customized virtual exhibition platforms make it easier for sponsors to attract more attendees. Through impactful logo presentation and eye-catching graphics, the chances of attendees turning into potential customers increases. You can determine to keep 3D or 2D designs based on your event budget and attendee segment. 

Automated Tools

Automation or the practice of digital tools are meant to save everybody’s time and resources. Online event platforms call for digital registrations & check-ins, real-time interactions, live-streaming, and many more. These features add more value to your virtual expo, virtual trade show, or virtual fair. Best virtual event platforms, like Dreamcast, have seamlessly adopted the recent industry trends to make your event super interactive, unique, and impactful. 

Virtual Exhibitor Booths

Virtual booths are a means for exhibitors to display their products, content, and services to a large group of people exceptionally. Document sharing, useful videos, impressive imagery, or resources like downloadable PDFs, documents, and presentations help attendees know more about the sponsors. These booths play a vital role in gaining more leads or increasing the ROI of the event. They also help you attract more customers globally and boost the brand value. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibitors play a key role in making your event stand out. To make them feel the benefit, you need to give a strong reason for them to invest in your event. Leveraging the virtual event spaces, you can create a splendid virtual lobby, GIFs, dynamic banners, and branded rooms for attendees and exhibitors to interact. All of this can only happen with the choice of an ideal online exhibition platform. Besides this, you can ask your platform provider to help sponsors with a record of attendee footprint that will help them know about the success of their booths. If they find it extremely profitable, they can turn out to be future exhibitors for your upcoming events too.

Networking Tools

Making the most of private and group chat options, networking lounges, or live chat features to initiate 2-way communications is an excellent means for virtual attendees and exhibitors to know each other. Along with these features, some platforms also offer a business card exchange option, a choice to schedule a meeting post the event using a B2B meetings scheduler, or ways to connect with like-minded people using AI-based recommendations.

Drive Attendee Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important components that can compel attendees to stay on the platform and experience the features and aspects of the platform. There are several ways in which you can keep the audience involved and interested in the online event.

  1. You can include a social wall that curates attendee posts on different social media channels and displays the same on the platform 
  2. Leverage on-event announcements in notifying the attendees about the sessions that are live or are scheduled to happen. It can be done through pop-up features or push notifications. Through this practice, it becomes easier for attendees to add the upcoming sessions to their personal calendars
  3. You can conduct surveys or use a signature wall to know about the attendee feedback and your opportunity area where you can improve for future events
  4. Photobooths are means to recreate the experiences of a physical event. It allows attendees to capture multiple photos and post them on social media
  5. Interacting with attendees ensures they feel homely and stimulates the interest in knowing more about the event. So, include live polls, live chat tools, and Q&A sessions to promote real-time communications

Social Media & Third-party App Integration

Seamless integration of different social media platforms or popular third-party apps makes it easier for event planners to promote the virtual exhibition exceptionally. Also, it becomes easier to create a compelling event website and post attention-grabbing content, images, and videos to increase event attendance. 

Detailed Analytics

Want to measure the event’s success and know if it is running the way you planned it? Meaningful analytics are the best possible way to know about the attendee footprint, count of registrations & downloaded content, the number of messages exchanged between an exhibitor and attendee, and more. So, it is essential to select an ideal virtual event software that simplifies the process of obtaining deeper insights. 

Customer Support

Backed by 24/7 technical or customer support makes it easier for attendees to get immediate resolutions regarding platform navigation or event log-in. It is a good way to enhance the attendee experience and minimize attendee drop-off. Keeping a help desk or video tutorials regarding the platform and its usage helps attendees know about the features and aspects of the venue.

We hope, this blog will be an essential source of information while choosing the platform features for your upcoming virtual exhibition or expo.

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