Reasons Why You Should Acquire Pick-To-Light Warehouse Automation Systems In Your Warehouse

Automation is revamping the world in which we are currently living at a swift pace. The advent of technological advancements engirds the globe as a whole, and businesses are mostly influenced by it. Having said that, automating warehouse is the heart of several industries across the world. 

Pick-to-light systems are robust and reliable systems. These are the type of order fulfilment technology that is designed to improve and streamline picking efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness. These systems play a pivotal role in lowering the labour cost of the warehouse. The pick-to-light systems employ alphanumeric buttons and displays at storage locations. This helps to guide employees in light-aided manual picking, sorting, and putting products or packages. 

This piece of content talks about the benefits of pick-to-light systems. So without further ado, let’s glide right into them. 

Ease of Use 

Training operators in traditional picking is a really time-consuming task. This most of the time depends on the complexity and size of the warehouse. However, businesses can cut the training down to 30 to 45 minutes with the help of an efficient pick-to-light system. 

System Integration 

Several organizations can install a standalone pick-to-light system. Companies can also integrate a pick-to-light system with an existing supply chain management, warehouse management system, enterprise resource planning (ERP), or other host systems depending upon the warehousing requirements. Furthermore, modern PTL systems can produce pick-rate reports, analyze productivity, and several other metrics. 

Increased Efficiency 

PTL systems are organized according to your existing work zone, which helps minimize wasting walking and boost warehouse efficiency. Moreover, a pick-to-light system follows the order if an order is required to pass through several work zones. This helps in decreasing idle time. 

Paperless System 

PTL systems help operators to save time by eliminating the steps of dealing with old paper-based record keeping. 

Improved Order Accuracy 

The most promising advantage that the pick-to-light system offers is fewer picking errors from a customer service standpoint. However, PTL systems help in boosting order fulfilment performance. 

Lower Labor Costs 

Traditional and old picking methods add up to one of the biggest expenses in warehouse operations. However, the acquisition of PTL systems results in less walking, greater accuracy, enhanced efficiency, improved effectiveness, and shorter time to order fulfilment. All of such factors result in one major benefit to your warehouse – reduced labour costs. 


MWI Solutions resells the products of top-notch brands, including OPEX, Hytrol, Interroll, Grey orange, Cognex, SICK, FMH Conveyor, Huron Technologies, Tote stacker Omni MetalCraft, ConveyX, ProMach, and TGW Conveyor. 

McCombs-Wall Inc offers the following set of robust technologies: 

  • Conveyor systems 
    • Package and tote handling 
    • Parcel and mail handling 
    • Manufacturing and assembly 
    • Food and beverage 
    • Cross-docking 
    • Pallet and drum handling 
    • Downlines and chutes 
    • Trailer loading and unloading 
    • Spiral conveyors and vertical lifts 
  • Sortation systems 
    • Sliding shoe sorters 
    • Narrow belt sorters 
    • Pop-up wheel sorters 
    • Tilt tray or Cross Belt
    • Carton flow or pallet flow 
    • Viper sorter or sweep sorter 
  • Goods to Person 
    • Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) 
    • GTP carousels 
    • Mobile robots 
    • Vertical lift module
  • Order fulfillment 
    • Voice directed picking 
    • Pick to light 
    • Order carousels 
    • Goods to person 
    • Automated picking 
    • Zone routing 
  • End of line automation 
    • In motion scale manifesting 
    • Print and apply applications 
    • Carton forming and induction 
    • Packing and sealing 
    • Palletizing/stretch wrapping 
    • Custom application 

So without any further ado, head towards the official website of MWI Solutions and request a walk-through site evaluation. They are pleased to offer a free walk-through of your facility so that their highly-skilled staff can provide feedback on your business’s current operations. 

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